We make sure students get ‘hands on’ involvement in the production process

Pupils making a mosaic in a school workshop

Creating a mosaic is both fun and challenging. Students will learn not only the design process but also the practical challenges of making a mosaic by being involved every step of the way.

All ages are able to take part in our workshops, as we do also work with nursery pupils (they do whole squares round the perimeter so they can also be involved). We teach KS2 pupils how to cut the tiles and all pupils stick the tesserae exploring the ancient methods of mosaic that have been used for thousands of years.

Whether the mosaic is to tie in with your schools curriculum studies of the Romans, or to celebrate a mile stone Anniversary or Centenary year – we can guarantee your pupils will remember the experience in creating a legacy for their school.

If you would like to speak to us directly do not hesitate to call us or email us
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